Report an incident online

Please report your case to us. All data transmitted is encrypted. The more information you give us about an incident, the better we will be able to support you.

How to report an incident?

The fastest and simplest way to report an incident is to use our online form. Alternatively, you can call us on 0800 133 133 or send us an e-mail.

What will happen to my data?
Data processing and safeguarding

Your data is sent encrypted to our server in Switzerland. Personal data is processed statistically and anonymously, meaning that it cannot be traced back to the person who originally provided it.


Once a year, we report the number and nature of incidents to the Swiss authorities, the police and the OCDE. We do not pass on details of your case to other bodies. This information can not be traced back to you, meaning that you remain completely anonymous.


By compiling and publishing statistics on hate crimes in Switzerland, we are laying the foundations for improved protection and better support for future victims of hate crimes. Only when the authorities and police are aware of the extent of homophobic and transphobic violence in Switzerland may we call for effective protection measures. That is why reporting your case to us is so crucial and valuable.