Have you been the victim of violence?

Disturbingly, people continue to be subjected to abuse on account of their sexual orientation or gender identity. In most cases, attacks take the form of verbal abuse or threats, although physical assaults can sometimes also occur.
Every human being – lesbian, gay, bi, trans or otherwise – is entitled to respect for their physical and psychological integrity.
If you have been the victim of homophobic or transphobic violence (being verbally abused, spat at, pushed, assaulted, injured etc.), you should contact the police by dialling the emergency number, 112. Once you are safe and have received any medical attention necessary, you can call us on 0800 133 133. You can also let us know the details of the incident (or past incidents) by using this reporting form.

It is really important to speak about it. By reporting your case, you are contributing to both your own safety and the safety of all past, present and future victims of violence.

We have selected advisors who will take the time to listen to you, help you, share their experience and give you the information that you need. Please contact us, a similar service or the police. Talk to people you can trust: your family, friends, doctors or other professionals.

Please report every incident to us. Our advisors will help you to find services for victims of violence, therapists and lesbian or gay police officers, if you need to go to the police.

Do you feel frightened or uncomfortable going to the police?

It is understandable to be frightened, but in most cases it is unfounded. For example, we know that Zurich city police are professional and we have also received positive feedback from other cantons.

If you don’t know what the best thing is to do, or you are hesitant over going to the police, you can always speak to us. We will do our best to give you reliable advice, inform you about the possibilities available to you as well as the services that you can approach.

In addition, in Zurich there is PinkCop, a drop-in centre staffed by gay and lesbian police officers who can provide you with useful information.